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Special education is a broad term used by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to describe specially designed instruction that meets the unique needs of a child who has a disability. These services are provided by the public school system and are free of charge. Services can include instruction in the classroom, at home, in hospitals and institutions. Learning disabilities cover a wide spectrum of disorders ranging from mild to severe. They can include mental, physical, behavioral and emotional disabilities.


Special Education Resources


Secondary Transitions

National Center for Special Education Research

National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center

National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

National Education of Special Education Teachers

Youth hood

Strive for Students

Brigance Transition Skills Inventory

Transition Coalition

Careers & the Disabled Magazine

National Business & Disability Council

Online Recruiting of Disabled Persons

Virginia Special Education

ACT Accommodations

National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability


Special Education Career Exploration

Life after IEP’s

Blind Auto Mechanic -  CBS “Assignment America” Story on Larry Woody.

Job Accommodation Network

Resume & Employment Guide


Important Financial Lessons

Practical Money Skills

Tip for Teaching Special Needs Students about Money

Money Instructor

Teaching Special Need Students Math & Computer Science


Assessment Resources

Types of Assessment Accommodations

Sample IEP Rubric

More Sample IEP Rubric

Rubric Terminology

National Assessment of Inclusion & ELL Students


Health Issues

Talking to Children about Cancer

Healthy Children

Birth Injury Center

Other Health Impairments

Chronic Absenteeism

Mental Health Care for Children

Drug and Medical Device Dangers



Learning Disabilities Resources

Special Education Terminology Definitions

Special Education Resources on the Internet

Tucson Exceptional Education

Arizona Special Education

Dyscalculia – Mathematic Disorder

Speech and Language Therapy

Children with Diabetes

Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Massachusetts Down Syndrome

Special Education Lesson Plans

Resources in Special Education

ELL & Special Education Questions and Considerations

50 Resources for Special Education Teachers

A Day in Our Shoes – 100 Resources


Special Education Law Resources

Building the Legacy of IDEA 2004

Special Education Law

Understanding Special Education

IDEA 2004 Statue & Regulations

Council for Exceptional Students

Disability Accommodation Request Letter


Accommodations & Modifications

Accommodation and Modification Differences

Differences between Accommodations & Modifications

Ultimate List of IEP Accommodations

Common Accommodations & Modification

Accommodation & Modification Video

19 Accommodations that Work


Inclusive or Self-Contained Classrooms

Guide to the Inclusive Classroom

Supporting All Students with Inclusion

Inclusion in Secondary Classroom

Self-Contained Classroom


Parent Resources

Parent & Information Resource

Autism and Education

Autism Resources

Parents’ Guide to Autism


Challenges of Special Education Teachers

Top 10 Challenges

Transition Teacher Career




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