SEC-490 Assignment Explanations & Samples

The syllabus is not always easy to understand so I created this page with explanations and samples.  As a reminder, please refer to rubrics before beginning your assignment, as all assignments are graded from the rubric.  If this webpage hasn’t addressed your question or concerns here, please call or send me a message Thanks!


Week 1: Two assignments

The 1st assignment is your official login with Professional Learning Network (PLN). The intention of the PLN is to provide a virtual space for teacher candidates, educational administration candidates, alumni, the cooperating teacher/mentor, GCU faculty supervisors, and faculty to learn, collaborate, and connect in a supportive environment.


You need to create a login on the PLN website (see flyer below). It may take a couple of days to be an approved member, so I suggest everyone be proactive to obtain a login early. Once you have been approved please login and make a screenshot showing your name. Save the document and submit as your assignment.


Every computer is different, however, from my laptop: Login into PLN>hold the fn & prntscrn keys>open a Word document>click on the paste command>save the document>submit the saved document into Loud Cloud

PLN Flyer


The 2nd assignment will be establishing your Professional Teaching Portfolio. A professional portfolio is a purposeful collection of work that exhibits efforts, progress, and achievement in multiple areas. For this assignment you only need to establish your virtual portfolio and include a title: “Professional Teaching Portfolio Outline”. No other information will be needed. Submit the URL of your digital portfolio in a Word document for submission.


The finalization of your portfolio will be due in week 14. For week 1 you only need to find and create a portfolio site.  The syllabus suggested several mediums, you may prefer one of the following links to establish your portfolio:


Sample Portfolios

·       A past student’s portfolio very well done -

·       Another past student’s portfolio well done -

·       I found this student’s teacher portfolio online -

·       Reason for a teacher portfolio -


Possible Portfolio Programs

·       Wix -

·       Weebly -

·       Google Sites -

·       Portfolio Box -


I highly recommend you start working on week 2 assignments right away.


Week 2: This week you have one assignment

Professional Dispositions Statement Assessment. Download the Professional Dispositions Assessment from the class resources. Path>week 2 study materials


Personally, I think of a disposition as your mission and value statement, similar to a school or business. Leader’s need a mission statement, teachers are leaders, so you need one for your work too. Teachers as leaders and need motivation and rejuvenation to meet the demand of the profession. A professional mission statement (disposition) can ground you, motivate you and help you remember why you entered this profession. You may want to include statements that express professional values, commitments, and ethics in order to promote authentic learning.


I encourage you to search the Internet to view some sample teaching statements to garner your own teaching philosophies. Download and complete the “Professional Dispositions Assessment” to inform your statement. In 250-500 words, write a reflection that addresses the following:

·       Your personal professional disposition statement.

·       How your self-assessment supports your professional dispositions statement.

·       Reflect on how you have grown in your professional dispositions throughout your Program of Study, supported by specific examples.

·       Steps you will take to improve where necessary.


Disposition and Assessment Sample


If anyone experiences problems with the template, e-docs or maybe you are drawing a blank on this assignment, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your disposition and assessment will be added to your “Professional Teaching Portfolio”


Week 3: Learning Goals to Inform Instruction – Writing Standards- Based Objectives

This week you will basically have three assignments that will require your STEP Standard 1 (Part 1 & 2) & STEP Standard 2.


STEP Standard 1 has two parts. The first part is to gather community demographic, school district and classroom factors.  The second part is to gather school demographics, environment and academic factors. Understanding the learning needs of students is critical when designing instruction that is differentiated and geared to meet unique learning needs.


You will be expected to be a data expert.  Please download the STEP Template in the Instructors add-ons. I recommend using the following sites in combination to provide the necessary demographic data. Your cooperative teacher and the district office will be helpful in gathering some of the data as they are required to maintain data.


Geographic Demographics -

District Demographics -

School Demographics -


A word of caution: I take community, geographic and student data very serious. I want to see that you are a data expert with sited sources with valid information. Rather than water fountain gossip and feelings.


STEP Standard 2 - Writing Standards-Based Objectives and the Learning Goal. Complete STEP Standard 2 of the template that includes the following:

1.     Your State Academic Content Standards. Include both the standard code and the title.

2.    Learning goal, is the overall big ideas of what you expect students to learn from your unit plan.

3.    Make sure the objectives are measurable as shown in my announcements and CATs.


Sample STEP Standard 2


Week 4: Clinical Practice Evaluation 1

Your faculty supervisor will complete your first of four evaluations. This may be face to face or video format. Once your evaluation date has been set, your GCU faculty supervisor will observe your teaching performance and submit a written report. Please find the directions on obtaining your report on the link below. Once you get your evaluation results save it on your computer and submit in the assignment box.


I understand that our class due dates don’t always coincide with your school, teacher or supervisor’s schedule. If you are early or late, that is fine. The only time we have to worry about due dates is our last week of class. However, please know I am always available to work with you. Just be sure to communicate with me.


Clinical Practice Evaluation Retrieval Guide


All of your evaluations will be included in your “Professional Teaching Portfolio”. I encourage you to work on your week 7 assignments.



Week 5: Resume

Professional Résumé is important because many of you may be asked for your resume so now is the time to pull it together. Your resume needs to highlight your education, certification, and professional experience.


It’s best to develop a statement or objective to describe yourself and how you stand out from other candidates. Be sure to view the weekly announcements so you can use the resources provided.


At a minimum, include the following:


Sample Resume with Experience

Sample Resume with Little Experience


Week 6: Add the updated classroom management to your portfolio

Establishing a classroom management philosophy is a crucial aspect of teaching. Your philosophy will guide you in establishing procedures, routines, and behavior expectations in order to create a learning environment that engages students, achieves instructional goals, and meets the diverse needs of students.


Your assignment is to revise your classroom management philosophy based on the demographics of your student teaching placement and what you have learned throughout your program. Post the revised classroom management philosophy in your professional portfolio.


For this week’s discussion question, summarize your plan and describe the changes you made to make the plan more appropriate for your current students. I encourage you to refer to research to substantiate your claims. I recommend reading the two references below to develop your own style. Keep what you like and design your own management philosophy.


Marzano, R. J., Pickering, D. J., & Pollock, J. E. (2001). Classroom instruction that works: Research-based strategies for increasing student achievement. Alexandria, VA: Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.


Wong, H. & Wong, R. (2014). The classroom management book. Mountain View, CA: Harry K. Wong Publications.


HINT: While in your portfolio I encourage you to fine tune your portfolio. In addition, work on week 7 assignments


Week 7: Analyzing Assessment Data and Student Results

There are 3 assignments this week (STEP Standard 3-5).

·        Assessment and Data Literacy

·        Unit and Lesson planning

·        Implementation of Instructional Unit: Create a video using any recording device. Choose one of the lesson activities to video record a 5-10 minute segment that you can review and reflect on your teaching. Have your cooperating teacher/mentor review the recording and provide feedback, if possible. 


STEP Standard 3 - Assessment and Data Literacy Pre- and post-assessments used to assess the learning that takes place from participating in a learning activity. The pre-assessment is given to students before instruction, in order to determine their prior knowledge of the topic, or inaccurate knowledge.

Sample STEP 3


STEP Standard 4 – Unit and Lesson Planning. Your unit of instruction must align to your state content standards. Be sure to include technology integration and demonstrate how you will differentiate your lessons to meet the needs of individual students.


I understand that time schedules don’t always coincide with this class. The main idea is that you will be taking over the classes soon and will need a unit plan which is what we are working on together. You want to also work with the cooperating teacher on your unit plan.

Unit Plan Sample


Step Standard 5In STEP Standard 3 & 4 you implemented and analyzed the pre-assessment and implemented all lesson activities. Choose one of the lesson activities to video record a 5-10-minute segment. Have your cooperating teacher/mentor review the recording to provide feedback.


On top of everything else you need to prepare for your 2nd evaluation due next week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Week 8: STEP Standard 6 – Analysis of Student Learning

After you have implemented each lesson in the unit, as well as completed the post-assessment it is important to analyze the results of the post-assessment and determine student learning. Review your data and whether there is a student or group of students who have not mastered the objectives and discuss what you will do to further develop student’s knowledge and skills.

After students complete the post-assessment, use the data to complete the tables in STEP Standard 6. Respond to the questions in Standard 6 based on the assessment results.

Submit your 2nd Evaluation. Again, I understand our class can not always coordinate with your schedule or the faculty supervisor. If I close the assignment box for your evaluation, please let me know when you are ready. I will gladly open the assignment box so you can submit.

STEP Standard 6 Sample



Week 9: Analysis and Reflection to Improve Planning and Practice

STEP Standard 7 - Reflective practice is crucial in education and becomes the foundation for ongoing growth and development as a professional. Once you have implemented the lessons within your unit, you should reflect on how the instructional practices influenced the learning outcomes. The assessment data from week 7 provides tangible evidence that you can use to tie outcomes back to instruction.

After analyzing and reflecting on your experiences developing and delivering your instructional unit, complete STEP Standard 7. In the template, list three short-term goals to improve specific areas of your teaching practice based on the unit of instruction, as well as your plan to reach each short-term goal.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Include your "STEP Template" in your Professional Teaching Portfolio? under the section "Instruction/Classroom Management."


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Week 10: Assessment and Data Literacy – Using Assessment to Engage Students

Easy week, you just need to post in the DQ. In the meantime, work on the preparation for your 3rd evaluation.


Week 11: 3rd Evaluation

Your evaluations are based on the InTASC Standards. Your GCU faculty supervisor will observe your teaching performance and complete the Clinical Practice Evaluation 3. For this assignment, you will submit the completed Clinical Practice Evaluation 3 in our class assignment box. The final score on your evaluation will determine your total points for this assignment.


All of your evaluations need to be included in your “Professional Teaching Portfolio” under the section “Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) Evaluations”.


Week 12: Personal Teaching Philosophy (video reflection)

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Your Personal Teaching Philosophy – Video Reflection is crucial in education and becomes the foundation for ongoing growth and development as a professional. By this phase in the student teaching experience, you have analyzed how your teaching performance and practice affects student learning. You now have the opportunity to reflect on how you plan to continue growing in your practice and how to utilize school/district, academic, and personal resources to help you continue to grow as a professional educator.


For this assignment, you will create a 2-3 minute video of yourself describing your role as a teacher candidate who embodies the College of Education’s philosophy to learn, lead, and serve.


In the video, include the following:

1.     How your teaching philosophy has developed and grown throughout student teaching.

2.    How technology can be used to create better learning opportunities for all students.

3.    How you will implement the Christian worldview values of compassion, promoting human flourishing, and behaving legally and ethically in your future classroom. (Feel free to add additional Christian worldview values you would like to integrate.).

4.    Remember, video and audio quality is important and should be taken into consideration.


Use one of the following programs to upload your video file:

OneDrive – Through you GCU Outlook email account.

YouTube -

Vimeo -  (you need to create an account.  Be proactive and start working on this now).

Loom -


Save the video as “Unlisted” if you prefer, however, if you save it as “private”, I will not be able to access it. Test your link out prior to sending it to me.  Send it to a friend to make sure it works for someone besides you. 

·             Paste your URL on your reflection document.

·             Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

·             Rest assured; this is your last video for this class.


Submit the video URL to the LMS in a word document.


This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Include the video “Professional Teaching Portfolio” under the section "Teaching Resume and Statements."


Week 13: Model Code of Ethics Quiz

I do not see the quiz, so I am not able to guide you. However, I am sure the questions come from


I find doing a quick find search on this type of quiz is helpful. However, be sure to read for detail. Many times, the questions can be tricky due to the wording. Good Luck to everyone.


Week 14: Professional Teaching Portfolio

Throughout this course, you have created and added artifacts to a professional portfolio. I want to see an assortment of artifacts that represent a selection of what you believe is your best work to present to potential employers.


Once you complete all of the elements of your portfolio, submit the URL to the LMS in a word document. Be sure to review the rubric that will include the following:

·        Introduction

·        Instruction/Classroom Management

·        Teaching Resume and Statements (please don’t include your address and phone number)

·        Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) Evaluations

·        Sample Artifacts


In the meantime, prepare for your 4th evaluation. This one is much more comprehensive than the previous evaluations. Mainly because your content area standards are included.


Week 15: 4th Evaluation

If you want to see your content area standards, please let me know. I have many content area standards saved separately.


Timeliness is a little tricky at the end of our class. If your 4th evaluation will not be available by the end of class I have to put a zero in the gradebook which will lower your grade tremendously. Don’t fret, you can email the evaluation to me and I will change your points.


Everyone’s situation is different. If your evaluation will be more than a week late, please communicate with me privately. We will do a work around together.





Specialized  Professional Associations (SPA)





National Association of Schools of Dance


Early Childhood



National Associations for the Education of Young Children


Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education




National Association for the Education of Young Children

Council for Exceptional Children






Association of Childhood Education International


Elementary (ESL Emphasis)




Association of Childhood Education International

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages



Elementary and Special Education




Association of Childhood Education International

Council for Exceptional Children






National Association of Schools of Music





National Business Education Association





National Council of Teachers of English





National Council of Social Studies





National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


Secondary-Physical Education



Society of Health and Physical Educators- America


Secondary- Science



National Science Teachers Association


Special Education



Council for Exceptional Children





National Association of Schools of Theatre



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