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Maintaining this webpage helps me to keep my own teaching skills sharp. The list below is a curated collection of links to resources, informative videos, and basic pedagogical definitions that I’ve spent years collecting.  Much of what you find here can be put to use in your classroom immediately.  All I ask is that you please share great sites you find so that I can add for a comprehensive site of instructional strategies.

“The supreme art of the teacher is to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”-- Albert Einstein


Instructional Strategies

Best Practices

·         Student Centered Instruction

·         Student Centered Teaching & Learning

·         Best Practices – A Resource for Teachers

·         Data Driven Instruction: Definition and 11 Strategies

·         Marzano Strategies

·         Pedagogy in Action

·         Experience-based Learning

·         Instructional Strategies: Definitions and Resources

·         Instructional Strategies Research

·         What is Active Learning

·         Active Learning

·         Student-Led Instruction

·         Cognitive Strategies


Questioning Strategies

·         Facilitating Student-Led Discussions

·         Six Types of Socratic Questions

·         Meet Socrative

·         Socratic Seminar

·         Higher Order Questioning

·         Questioning Strategies

·         Wait Time Techniques


Differentiated Instruction

·         What is Differentiated Instruction?

·         20 Differentiated Strategies

·         Great Video on Differentiation

·         A Journey Through Differentiated Instruction

·         Differentiation Central

·         Teaching Various Generations

·         Differentiated Instructional Resources

·         Differentiated Instruction for Math

·         Sample Differentiated Lesson Plans

·         Teaching Gen Y'ers

·         Teaching Gen Z’ers

·         A New Case for Educational Games


Learning Styles

·         Learning Style Self Assessment

·         Learning Styles

·         Multiple Intelligence Inventory

·         Implement Learning Styles in your Classroom

·         More on Learning Styles

·         How to Accommodate Different Learning Styles

·         Instructor Manual: Learning Style Intelligence


Student Engagement & Motivators

·         Bell Work

·         A-Z List of Instructional Strategies

·         More Instructional Strategies

·         Sped Support Strategies

·         Ice Breakers

·         Chunking – Help Learners Remember More

·         BIG List of Instructional Strategies

·         Priceless Teaching Strategies

·         Glossary of Instructional Strategies

·         Class Discussion Strategies

·         Engagement Strategies

·         Supportive Classroom Strategies

·         The Jigsaw Method


Note Taking, Study Guides & Graphic Organizers

·         Cornell Notes

·         More on Cornell Notes

·         Graphic Organizers Galore

·         More on Graphic Organizers

·         Learning to Learn Study Guides

·         Creately – Easily Create Graphic Organizers


Cooperative Learning Strategies

·         Cooperative Learning Resources

·         Learning Stations


Strategies to Build Literacy Skills

·         Elementary reading strategies – Can be applied to older students

·         Strategies for Reading Comprehension

·         Collection of Graphic Organizers

·         Frayer Model

·         Comic Strips in the Classroom

·         Brainstorming Objectives

·         Leonardo Da Vinci Notebook

·         Interactive Notebooks

·         Using Storyboarding

·         Preparing for Literature Circles


Strategies to Build Math Skills

·         Instructional Strategies for Math

·         14 Essential Strategies

·         Strategies for Improving Algebra Knowledge

·         Interactive Notebook


Varied Strategies

·         See SED 444 for additional instructional Strategies

·         Beyond Textbooks

·         Flipped Classroom

·         Graffiti Boards

·         Learning Station

·         Student Courts and Meaningful Involvement

·         CTE Instructional Strategies


Teacher Tools

·         Posting and Communicating Learning Objectives

·         Create unit Plans using the Six Facets of Understanding

·         Center of Teaching and Learning

·         See Lesson Plans Galore for Additional Unit Plan Ideas

·         Teaching Tips

·         Classroom Management


·         Teacher Channel

·         Big list of instructional strategies with videos

·         Classroom Video Projects


Online Teaching

·         Instructional Strategies Online

·         Critical Thinking in the Classroom

·         E-Learning Tips Improve Memory with Chunking

·         Best Practices in Online Teaching for Student Engagement

·         Instructional Strategies for Online Courses


Technology Resources

·         List of Classroom Technologies

·         Cindy’s Favorite Links

·         New Padagogy Wheel

·         Edu Tech 

·         31 Ed Tech Companies

·         Arizona Educational Technology Standards

·         Teaching with Technology

·         More Technology to Build up your Toolbox

·         See Cindy’s Kids Page

·         Illumination for Math

·         Math Games for all Ages

·         Powerpoint Games Templates

·         Instructional Methods and Instructional Media

·         Learn Software, Business and Creative Skills

·         WebQuests

·         Khan Academy

·         Media in the Classroom

·         iTalk Recorder

·         BAM Radio - The largest education radio network

·         Realtime Board

·         Online Whiteboard

·         Wordle

·         Tagxedo

·         Awesome Library Homepage

·         Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything





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