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The successful development and implementation of any new curriculum involves thoughtful planning and hard work on many levels. At the classroom level, creating supportive and productive learning environments that engage the range of learners in understanding content is key.


This collection of curriculum resources includes curriculum theory, approaches and development. It also includes instructional designs strategies that impacts delivery.




Curriculum Building Resources

       The History and Study of Curriculum

       Curriculum Decisions

       Curriculum Development: An Overview

       Curriculum Mapping 101

       Curriculum Development Phase

       Five Principles of Curriculum Development

       Guide to Curriculum Development

       Developing Curriculum Leadership

       Psychological Foundations of Curriculum

       Curriculum Framework & Instructional Materials

       Curriculum Approaches

       Curriculum Theory slides

       Curriculum Theory and Practice

       Postmodern Curriculum Theory

       Curriculum AIMS, GOALS & OBJECTIVES


Curriculum Components & Implementation

       Curriculum Components

       Curriculum Implementation Plan


       Nuts & Bolts: Curriculum

       Foundations of Curriculum

       Sample Scope & Sequence for all content areas

       Chandler School District Curriculum


Address Diversity in Curriculum

       Understanding and Teaching Diverse Students

       Meeting Diverse Needs of all Students




Curriculum Materials

       Parents selecting textbooks

       Teacher Fired for Reading a Poem

       How to Deal with Difficult Parents

       Basic Learning Materials

       Tool for Evaluating Teaching Materials

       Choosing Materials Blindly



Curriculum Structure

       Cons on Block Scheduling

       Technology Magnet School

       What are Magnet Schools



Instructional Designs & Models

       Learning Theories

       Instructional Design Definitions

       Instructional Design and Learning Theories

       Instructional Design Power Point


Unit Planning & Backward Design

       Unit Planning & Backward Design

       Multidisciplinary Integrated Curriculum Units

       Designing Units of Studies

       Who Creates Curriculum?

       A More Effective 21st Century Curriculum

       Evaluating Curriculum


Standards & Objectives

       About Common Core Standards

       Old Standards vs. Common Core Standards

       National Business Education Standards

       ABCD Measurable Objectives Video


Rigor & Relevance

       Leadership in Education

       http://www.nwrel.org/scpd/sirs/8/c015.html Part of the School Improvement Research Series (SIRS). Article on Employability Skills.

       Transfer Demand

       Transfer Demand Rubric

       What are Essential Questions

       6 Facets of Understanding applied to Math

       Brainstorming with 6 Facets of Understanding

       Prezi on 6 Facets of Understanding

       Meeting the needs of all Diverse Students


Lesson Planning Also see Lesson Plans Galore

       Backward Design Lesson Plan Template

       Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template

       SIOP Lesson Plan Template

       Align Assessments & Objectives

       Utah Education Lesson Plans

       Five Common Mistakes Writing Lesson Plans


Evaluating Curriculum











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