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To integrate College & Career Readiness in the classroom start with the Six Career Clusters.  The Clusters have 16 Career Pathways that are rigorous programs of study to assure strong academic preparation. Pathways create relevance of learning, connecting high school coursework to work beyond high school.  Pathways ensure that students will be prepared to take advantage of the full range of postsecondary options, including on-the-job training, certification programs, and two- or four-year college degrees.


The Career Clusters Initiative and the below resources will help teachers integrate careers and academics.



College & Career Readiness


College & Career Readiness Resources


Researching Career Choices

·          US Department of Labor

·          21st Century Skills

·          Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS)

·          Rate your Skills

·          Road Map to a Career

·          National Career Pathways Network

·          Career Test Center

·          Jobs for American Graduates (JAG)

·          California Career Zone

·          California Career Cafe


Workplace Safety

·          Workplace Safety




Integrate Careers In the Classroom

·       Connecting Careers to the Classroom

·       Math n CTE

·       Oregon Skill Set

·       Employability Skills Toolkit

·       Arizona Workplace Skills Project

·       Career and Vocational Lesson Plans

·       Technology Life Careers

·       Career Preparation Lesson Plans

·       CTE Rubrics

·       Utah Career Awareness Lesson Plans

·       Career One Stop

·       ASVAB

·       Career Key

·       United States Department of Labor

·       College Board

·       Occupational Outlook Handbook

·       Career Development Resources


Applications, Resumes, Cover Letters & Interviews

·       Quintessential Career Center

·       Resume Tutorial

·       Sample Resumes

·       50 Standard Interview Questions

·       CTE Online Lesson Plans

·       Resumes with no Experience (YouTube)


College Preparation

·       Scholarship Search Engine

·       Cindy’s Senior Page


Troubled Teen’s Section

·       Financial Aid with Criminal Convictions

·       Background Checks

·       How Felons Can Get Jobs



Secondary Lesson Plans by Career Pathways



·          Agricultural Program Development

·          Horticulture and Landscaping Lesson Plans

·          Welding and Machine Trades Lesson Plans – Scroll down the webpage


Business & Marketing

·          Business and Entrepreneur Lesson Plans

·          Centers for International Business Education

·          Financial Literacy


Family & Consumer Science

·          Culinary Arts and Food Science Lesson Plans – Scroll down the webpage

·          Mathematics through Nutrition

·          Child Care, Family and Education Lesson Plans

·          The Culinary Trust



Health Science

·          Health Lesson Plans – Scroll down the webpage


Information Technology

·          Computer and Information Technology Lesson Plans

·          Cisco Networking Academy


Skilled & Technical Science

·          Construction Career Resources

·          Carpentry and Constructions Trades Lesson Plans

·          Cosmetology Lesson Plans

·          Auto Service and Auto Body Repair Lesson Plans

·          Transportation Lesson Plans – Scroll down the webpage

·          Security, Investigation and Law Lesson Plans – Scroll down the webpage


Technology & Engineering






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